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Advantages, disadvantages and principles of microneedle plastic

With the continuous passage of time, I am more and more sensible, and the pressure I have to bear is also increasing. Due to bad living habits and other reasons, their skin will also present various problems, which will make them distressed. While their overall image will be affected, their mood will also be affected. What are the advantages, disadvantages and principles of microneedle plastic?

Advantages, disadvantages and principles of microneedle plastic

  1. Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of microneedle beauty plastic is that it can directly deliver the required active ingredients to the position where the skin absorbs better, and the permeability of product ingredients is greatly improved compared with ordinary beauty products; Stimulate the self-healing ability of the skin, promote the metabolism of the skin, and enhance the elasticity and thickness of the skin; It can be matched with different medical and beauty products to achieve the effects of wrinkle removal, improvement, whitening and anti-aging; The improvement effect on scars, acne marks and acne muscles is relatively large, and the treatment effect is better. The disadvantage of microneedle plastic is that the treatment has certain trauma and high requirements for aseptic operation; It needs to be treated according to the course of treatment, and the treatment takes a long time.

  1. Principle

No need for injection, no operation or no side effects, the use of micro needle roller to stimulate collagen proliferation by natural methods, without damaging the skin epidermis, combined with the unique natural nutrients transported to the skin through the lipid capsule, and the nutrient penetration into the stratum corneum is at least forty times higher than that of the ordinary cream, reaching 40%, thereby awakening and enhancing the regeneration function of the skin, helping to lighten wrinkles and spots, and improve the texture of the skin. Adjust skin tone and increase skin elasticity to make you bright and youthful.

  1. Nutrient solution

Now that you know the advantages, disadvantages and principles of microneedle, let’s also know the nutrient solution of microneedle. The nutrient solution used in microneedle beautification, also known as the cell active energy field, is a combination of more than 100 kinds of cell nutrition and nourishment systems with the same nutrients as the human skin. Through the roller covered with many small silver needles, microneedle beautification rolls on the skin to form a large number of micro pipes, and then send the nutrients conducive to the skin to the bottom of the skin, so as to achieve the final beauty and rejuvenation effect.

The advantages, disadvantages and principles of microneedle plastic can be understood in detail with the doctor before treatment. Combined with the doctor’s suggestions, choosing a suitable treatment method can make the treatment effect better. Choosing a regular hospital, professional and experienced doctor can make you feel more at ease during treatment.