Can micro needle eye mask be used every day

Once a week. It can be pasted where there are fine lines or where you feel particularly dry to strengthen moisturizing. It’s OK to sleep next to it. It only takes 3 seconds to paste it. It’s super simple. Although it’s an injection, it’s not the terrible injection you think! This is a crystal needle made of hyaluronic acid. It just looks prickly, but it won’t hurt at all! (the naked eye can hardly see a very small needle) when sticking it, although it will feel a lot of small needle pricks like touching the skin, it will not hurt at all, nor will it be as terrible as injection! (I’m the kind who will collapse and want to cry when I want injection, but I won’t be afraid at all!)

Is microneedle eye mask useful

A few days ago, I saw a very popular TV program in Japan introducing a “collagen paste” that girls have been flocking to recently. As long as 3 seconds, it can prevent and maintain “sagging skin and fine lines”, especially for mature women over the age of 30. It is really needed! It’s the same effect as “hyaluronic acid” which costs about 15000 yuan for one (1cc)! I was a little suspicious at first. I thought, “is it true or false?” Then… This is a comparative photo of me getting up the next morning. The fine lines basically disappeared.

After continuous use for 1 ~ 2 weeks, this is the comparison with that before use. It is obvious that the drooping bags under the eyes and legal lines have disappeared! Why? Because pull it up! I think this effect is very exaggerated! Not only was the whole face pulled up, but there was also a feeling of pengpeng and tension. I think this is very suitable for people with fine lines around the eyes and sagging skin. You can really use it right away! It really works!

What does microneedle eye mask mean

Skin care products are becoming more and more sophisticated. Do you know that the “dissolved microneedle technology” has been developed now? This is a super advanced technology that uses many “extremely small needles” that are almost invisible to the naked eye to directly inject “hyaluronic acid”, the most important for skin rejuvenation, into the skin “. In short, this has the same effect as going to the United States to see a doctor for hyaluronic acid injection. You can immediately see the recovery of skin tension and elasticity! It is to use tiny needles to introduce hyaluronic acid into the “deepest stratum corneum” that can not be penetrated by any skin care products!

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