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Can microneedles be made at home? Household micro needle helps you remove acne

The so-called microneedle beauty is the use of micro needle roller rolling on the skin surface, and at the same time piercing a lot of very small holes. After that, using the beauty products containing high concentration essence, the nutrition can directly penetrate into the skin mesoderm through these tiny channels, quickly stimulate the collagen proliferation, and make the skin more compact. Then let the pores become tight and delicate inside and outside.

Can micro needles be made at home

Microneedles are the most convenient in plastic therapy, so the introduction of household microneedles enables us to take care of our skin at home! However, it should be noted that the use of self-service machines at home needs to pay attention to disinfection to avoid infection, which is not worth the loss!

Application method of household microneedle

  1. Soak the microneedle in alcohol for half an hour
  2. Roll your face according to the line of “meter”
  3. After rolling, wait for the redness and swelling of the face to subside, and then apply follow-up skin care products
  4. Never wash your face! Don’t touch the water! You can touch the water in 12 hours!!
  5. Once a week at most!!
  6. Don’t roll where there are acne! Otherwise it will take the bacteria to other places!

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