CO2 Fractional Laser

Freezing point laser hair removal?

It’s coming to summer again. In summer, people wear more refreshing clothes and usually expose their arms. If a person’s skin is smooth and delicate, white and soft, it will be a relaxed and happy scenery; However, in daily life, many people’s hair will be thicker, so they will feel very embarrassed in summer, so they will think of all kinds of hair removal methods, among which ice laser hair removal is a very popular way.

Practical effect of hair removal with ice laser

1、 Shock the hair root and never recreate it

This kind of depilation method penetrates the outer skin and enters the dermis to completely close the hair follicle and hair stem, resulting in permanent depilation. There are no melanin particles in other straight mouths near hair follicles, so they do not digest and absorb such lasers, which is not easy to cause damage and safer and more complete.

2、 The world’s top technical hair removal gold standard

First of all, innovative hair removal machines and equipment all over the world are introduced. Hair removal is rapid and complete, safe and painless, and the actual effect is better than other laser equipment for one machine.

3、 The actual effect is immediate

Ice depilation adopts classic semiconductor material depilation laser depilation technology. Its light wavelength is 810nm long and can penetrate to the deep layer of dermis and human adipose tissue. After nearly 15 years of clinical medical certification, it is called the gold standard of hair removal laser.

4、 Safety without pain

The technicality of this kind of depilation reduces the direct thermal kinetic energy once and increases the direct number of times. It does not affect a lot of sweating. During the treatment, there are also rare white gemstones to treat baldness. During the treatment, the white gemstones are close to the skin, so that part of the skin is cooled to 5 degrees, which reasonably maintains all normal skin from heat damage, and there is no discomfort in the whole process of treatment.

Common problems after surgery

1, please prevent the sun from exposed to the weather for six months after the hair removal. Apply the sunscreen lotion moisturizing lotion marked by the doctor to the vaccinia patients to reduce the sun’s exposure.

  1. After depilation, you can’t eat spicy food ingredients in the diet.
  2. Pay attention to hygiene. You don’t have to wear underwear with too deep dye or unclean. Because the skin after depilation is very easy to be irritated, the skin pores are very large, and it is also very easy to be affected by melanin. Therefore, it’s best for beauty seekers not to wear clothes and trousers with deep colors, which is very easy to inflammation. It is recommended to wear clean colored cotton underwear after ice depilation.
  3. After depilation, eat more favorable ingredients. You should eat more fresh fruits of vitamin C or vitamin C tablets immediately. Vitamin C can improve skin resistance and reduce the conversion of melanin into.
  4. Pay attention to the application of skin care products after ice depilation. Cleaning products or skin care products with less irritation to the skin are best not needed after treatment.
  5. After ice depilation, pay attention to the daily cleaning of the depilation position. Because the natural environment of the sea area of the indoor natatorium is not very physical and mental health, it is best for beauty seekers not to go swimming in the near future.
  6. After ice depilation, pay attention not to depilate with other methods during the treatment period. Whether it is physical or organic chemistry, it may cause skin inflammation and melanin.
  7. After depilation, the depilated position may cause mild swelling, sensitive skin and hot or itchy feeling. If you feel pain, use cold compress to relieve the pain.
  8. Pay attention to the depilation position. There is no need to scrub with boiling water and wash hard.