Gold RF microneedle FAQ

  1. Does the gold RF micro needle hurt?

During the treatment, there will be slight pain, but it’s OK, which is within the tolerance of ordinary women. After the treatment, there will be some redness, but there will be no blood spots, scabs and any scars. In a real sense, it has achieved the minimally invasive effect.

  1. How long is the treatment?

Gold radiofrequency microneedle treatment takes only about 30 minutes, with short time and high efficiency. The nutrients delivered to the root of the problem through microneedles can also promote the subsequent repair, produce a large number of cell repair factors, and brighten the skin color.

  1. How long does it take to recover after treatment?

Because the gold RF micro needle is treated in the form of minimally invasive, after the treatment, there will be no obvious trauma on the face, only a slight redness, and the recovery period is very short.

  1. Who is not suitable for this job?

It is recommended not to treat skin infection or skin diseases (except acne), hemorrhagic diseases, taking anticoagulants, pregnancy, scar constitution, wearing pacemaker (heart rate device and other internal electronic equipment), vascular stent or metal implant, skin malignant tumor, etc.

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