CO2 Fractional Laser

Hair removal laser hair removal?

The body will produce a lot of hair, such as some people’s facial hair or body hair. There will be too much hair later. Although it is not easy to have any impact on physical and mental health, it will affect the beauty and generosity. Men are OK. If they are women, more hair in the human body will seriously affect the image and temperament. There are many ways of hair removal in daily life, Laser hair removal is a very common way of hair removal.

Common problems of hair removal laser

  1. Carefully understand the patient’s past medical history before operation.
  2. Proper eye safety protection should be done before treatment, including patients, operators and observers in the treatment room.
  3. At the beginning of treatment, do not detect the light spot at the eye-catching position, and then carry out all-round treatment.
  4. The amount of treatment should be appropriate.
  5. Continuously apply refrigeration Countermeasures in the whole process of treatment.
  6. Avoid wound infection and take antibiotics orally if necessary.
  7. If pigmentation occurs after treatment, part of the sunscreen can become shallow or dissipate after several months of isolation and medical care. Those who have not subsided pigmentation can apply hydroquinone cream externally.

Is laser hair removal really permanent?

Laser hair removal uses the basic theory of selective photothermal power generation of lasers to release a laser with a certain light wavelength from the position of hair follicles, destroy hair follicles and permanently remove hair.

But it’s not that laser hair removal can take off none left. Some white plush can’t be taken off.

On the whole, the actual effect of laser hair removal is relatively good.

Can laser hair removal be removed at one time?

Laser hair removal cannot go out at one time. This is not a technical problem. This is because the hair in our different hair follicles is in different growth and development links, including growth period, rest period and long-term regression. Laser hair removal is only reasonable for the hair follicles in the growth period.

For example, there is an area with 100 hair follicles. Today, 30 hair follicles enter the growth stage. According to the laser, 30 hair follicles are removed. Then the rest can only be done when they enter the growth stage. In short, it is done once less and once less.

Generally speaking, less 3-5 times and more 7-8 times can be eliminated.

Does laser depilate have side effect?

Many people worry that laser hair removal will destroy sebaceous glands and affect a lot of sweating. In fact, there is no need to worry about this. Most of our sebaceous glands open their mouth immediately to the epidermis and do not sweat a lot through hair follicles. Therefore, laser hair removal does not affect a lot of sweating.

Who is not suitable for laser hair removal?

  1. People with clotting obstruction. The specific performance is easy to bleed, bleeding can not stop and so on.
  2. Have more serious scar constitution
  3. Pregnancy link
  4. Physical fitness. People who are allergic to light.