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How long can laser rejuvenation last

Laser skin rejuvenation is an excellent new technology beauty salon project. A special wide spectrometer color light is selected to be directly directed at the surface of the skin immediately. It can penetrate to the deep level of the skin, and can selectively effect melanin or blood vessels in subcutaneous tissue, dissolve color spots, close abnormal red blood filaments, and eliminate all kinds of defects on your skin. Under normal circumstances, the actual effect of laser whitening and rejuvenation can be maintained for 2-3 years. The basic principle of laser is that the laser sent by the therapeutic instrument can pass through the damaged skin very smoothly, enter the damaged position, and treat the melanin in the damaged position. Melanin can change under the direct irradiation of strong laser, and then subside autonomously, so as to recover. The laser is cured through the skin and only works on melanin particles without damage to all normal skin.

Do a good job in the post-operative medical work to ensure the safety factor and actual effect of surgical treatment.

  1. Pay attention to replenish moisture and maintain skin moisture at all times.

2, continue to apply whitening and replenishing mask. Moisturizing lotion with many whitening essence moisturizing lotion is used to make the deep skin absorb and penetrate into the skin to respond to whitening and whitening to achieve ideal skin color.

  1. Prevent sunlight and do a good job in sunscreen and isolation.

Common problems of laser whitening and rejuvenation

1, soon after receiving laser skin, the facial position should be gentle. There is no need to stimulate skin care products. Three to seven days, pay attention to moisturizing and moisturizing, moisturizing mask daily to improve skin moisture absorption and absorption.

  1. Because my physical quality and skin condition are different, and the reaction after laser treatment is different, everyone may have some level of swelling within seven days, which can be alleviated by cold compress.
  2. The location of skin purification treatment just done will be very sensitive to the sun. From March to half a year after treatment, you need to pay attention to sunscreen isolation to prevent the accumulation of melanin.
  3. Within three days, the wound can also be scrubbed daily with repair factor or erythromycin to accelerate skin repair.