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How long can the effect of removing body odor with gold micro needle be maintained

Many beauty lovers around are afraid of hot summer, because the body odor will be obvious in the hot summer of sweating.

How long can the effect of removing body odor with gold micro needle be maintained

At present, there are many kinds of correction methods. Minimally invasive injection and surgery are also suitable, and the effect is very good. But there will also be many beauty lovers who are difficult to choose among many ways. How long can the effect of removing body odor be maintained after watching the gold micro needle? I think beauty seekers will have an answer.

1、 How long can the effect of removing body odor with gold micro needle be maintained?

The effect of gold micro needle in removing body odor is affected by the surgical methods adopted. The optional surgical methods include surgical removal of body odor, gold micro needle in treating body odor and botulinum toxin in treating body odor.

In order to make beauty seekers better understand their effects, we have sorted out the answers to a number of common questions. Let’s continue with the following points.

(1) They are all surgical methods to treat body odor. What is the difference between plastic and cosmetic projects?

A: different. The operation principle, trauma, healing time and correction effect of these methods are different.

(2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of removing body odor?

A: anyway, although the operation of removing body odor takes a long time, the trauma is relatively large and the healing time is relatively long. The correction effect can last for life, but it is possible to leave scars; Gold micro needle has the advantages of fast efficiency, less trauma, long correction effect, less recovery time and not easy to leave scars; Botulinum toxin treatment of body odor is completed relatively quickly, without healing time and trauma, but the maintenance time is relatively short.

(3) How much does it cost to remove body odor once?

A: botulinum toxin is more affordable in the treatment of body odor, usually about 300 to 2983 yuan; Surgical removal of body odor is about 333 to 6895; Gold micro needle treatment of body odor is now more expensive, about 5000 ~ 10000.

(4) How about a comparison of body odor removal?

A: Gold micro needle treatment of body odor and surgical removal of body odor. If the operation is successful, it is usually said that it can be removed once.

Botulinum toxin has only a short-term taste removing effect. If you want to maintain it for a long time, you should inject it on time.

2、 Common problems of removing body odor with gold micro needle and postoperative nursing?

① Surgical removal of body odor: pay attention to nursing requirements, pay attention not to touch water in the previous week, and pay attention to continuous local cleaning to avoid inflammation and infection; Daily attention should be paid not to move too much, so as to avoid cracking of the surgical wound; Fast spicy food. ② Gold micro needle treatment of body odor and botulinum toxin treatment of body odor: pay attention to the nursing requirements. It is good about 8 hours after the completion of the operation, and the arm droops naturally. There may be some slight swelling in the first three days, so there is no need to deal with it specially, but you can avoid touching water, strenuous exercise and spicy and irritating meals.

After reading the introduction, beauty seekers have more confidence in the gold micro needle to remove body odor. Hyperhidrosis is usually embarrassing and not confident enough, but after reading this introduction, beauty seekers should understand that hyperhidrosis cannot be removed, beauty seekers cannot be pessimistic, and many ways introduced are very good options. Beauty seekers can ask website customer service and then confirm which method to choose. These are all complete explanations. I wish you all the best.