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How often are microneedles done? Interval time of microneedles

How often the microneedles are done usually depends on the individual’s skin state, but it is better to keep the interval of more than one month, so as to make the previous microneedles recover better.

How often the microneedle is better is determined according to the personal physical recovery of beauty lovers. Generally, the interval between two microneedles should not be less than 1 month. This is because after microneedle beauty treatment, you need to wait until the skin is repaired to see the final effect. Because the cycle of skin repair is 28 days, it takes a month to see the best beauty effect after microneedle. Therefore, two times of microneedle treatment should not be less than one month.

Since the self-healing time of the skin takes one month, the micro needle should be done once a month. Although it takes a month to make a micro needle, the interval should not be too long, otherwise it will affect its beauty effect!

Microneedle beauty therapy generally has no obvious effect at one time. Microneedle plastic can remove wrinkles by activating autologous cell regeneration. The normal metabolic cycle of the skin takes 28 days. Generally, it will have an obvious effect before the third treatment, and the effect is superimposed with the supporting acmetea.

After treatment, the light yellow print of the wrinkle removal position of individual customers faded slowly. In the process of operation, the color of hemosiderin in local micro wounds slowly changes from red to light yellow during the metabolism of healing. It will disappear completely in a day or two. Most of the customers who return slowly are relatively older, with relatively poor self repair ability and low absorption function. Acmetea repair factor helps rapid absorption and metabolism.

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