Laser lip hair removal?

For many people, lip hair is very confused. The key reason for lip hair is the discovery of abnormal female hormones. Especially for many women, if there are a lot of lip hair, it also affects the beauty and elegance. Therefore, pay attention to the removal methods. Some methods can not remove lip hair from the source. It is suggested to improve it according to the methods of cosmetic medicine, The actual effect also varies from person to person, so can laser remove lip hair?

  1. The whole treatment process of laser lip hair removal takes a short time. After treatment, you can sign up for sports competitions and all normal daily life. It has the advantages of rapid, no pain, long-term actual effect and no damage. Laser hair removal is a more ideal way to remove lip hair at this stage. According to laser hair removal, it can reasonably achieve the goal of permanent hair removal.
  2. Basic principle of laser hair removal: the pigment in the hair follicle has the characteristics of digestion and absorption of special stock band microwave, so that the hair follicle can cause heat and selectively destroy the hair follicle. In addition, the heat sent by the laser hair removal method can be transmitted to the shallow layer of the hair follicle through the cross section of the hair stem, so that the temperature of the hair follicle can rise rapidly, To prevent damage to the surrounding tissue.
  3. According to the different skin and hair types of everyone, laser lip hair removal generally only needs three to four times of treatment to permanently remove the hair. And the treatment time is very short. Generally, it only takes five minutes up and down. After the operation, it is not easy to have any impact on daily life and work, and there is no need to carry out all unique medical care. In addition, in the case of treatment, it is not easy to cause all pain, nor will it cause all damage to the skin.
  4. If there is redness in the laser hair removal treatment area, it indicates that the skin has become sensitive. At this time, the treatment position of make-up and friction surgery can not be used, and appropriate ice application can be carried out on the treatment position. After laser hair removal, surgical treatment needn’t use whitening cosmetics, spices and fragrances containing mercury and halogen bulbs. It is not necessary to apply stimulating skin care and skin care products within one day after laser hair removal. When cleansing, use cold water or cold boiled water as much as possible.