CO2 Fractional Laser

Laser photorejuvenation?

Photon freckle is a common cosmetic technology in clinical medicine. This kind of cosmetic technology can deal with many skin problems, but not everyone is suitable for photon rejuvenation. In particular, some people’s poor actual operation may affect everyone’s skin. Therefore, before doing photon rejuvenation, we must do a good job in skin evaluation. The key to photon freckle removal is strong pulsed light, The effect of beauty and skin care is also better. How about laser photon freckle removal?

  1. The photon freckle laser uses strong pulse light to direct the skin, explodes the pigment in the skin, and reconstructs the irritating collagen powder to make the skin full of ductility and reduce skin problems such as red blood filaments and large pores on the face. The photon freckle laser is suitable for beauty seekers with red blood filaments, acne marks, dark yellow face and large pores on the face, and the skin is slightly relaxed, The beauty seeker who wants to rebuild the stimulating collagen according to photon beauty and make the skin malleable again. Pay attention to sunscreen and isolation after photon freckle laser operation. You don’t have to be exposed to the sun within 2 weeks. It’s best not to have make-up one week after operation.
  2. Photon freckle removal can selectively work on the melanin position of the skin, help dissolve the dark yellow of melanin, and make the skin more and more white and red. Photon freckle removal can promote the newborn with collagen powder under the effect of light, make the skin tender and smooth, tighten the pores, and drive away the unsmooth skin. A good complexion of the skin is a top priority to improve my appearance. Photon freckle has the function of comprehensively improving the skin, leaving the skin white and crystal clear, just like one key skin beautification, with built-in repair.
  3. Skin allergy may occur after the operation, because everyone’s physical quality is different, and very few people will react to the skin allergy caused by filling. The skin at the treatment site after operation is also very vulnerable to bacterial infection, especially rheumatism or orthopedic diseases, folliculitis and so on. Most people feel some pain on the day of the operation, which will slowly ease and subside with the passage of time. There is no need to take painkillers after the operation, because aspirin drugs will aggravate the bleeding of the wound, resulting in unnecessary inconvenience.

The above is the relevant content of laser photon freckle removal. According to the content, most people have a certain grasp of some practical applications of photon freckle removal, as well as post-operative medical care and taboos. After doing photon rejuvenation, the reaction varies from person to person, which is also related to everyone’s skin condition, and the medical care after surgery will also affect the actual effect of beauty and skin care.