Laser sunburn?

The key to sunburn is the black spots caused by ultraviolet radiation. These kinds of black spots are very easy to recur and may spread. Therefore, there is a certain degree of difficulty in treatment. There are many freckle removal methods in clinical medicine, and the more common one is beauty treatment. The acne removal effect of laser in beauty treatment is more ideal, The actual effect of laser sunburn also varies from person to person, so what is the reason for laser sunburn?

  1. Laser speckle removal is one of the most rapid and reasonable speckle removal methods at this stage. It can remove chloasma, freckles, sunburn, freckles, senile spots and moles. It is simpler and more convenient than other human factor speckle removal methods. It is one of the methods selected by many women with spots. Laser freckle removal mainly applies the basic principle of “photothermoelectric effect”, so that the laser can smoothly pass through the skin and reach the position of pigmentation. According to the principle of converting the focus into energy, the accumulated melanin tissue can be quickly geothermal cracked, vaporized, or broken into fine fragments, which are swallowed by body cells and discharged out of the body, so as to achieve the goal of removing color spots.
  2. Laser sunburn removal is a surgical treatment on the face after all. Although the risk is not very large, it still exists. Therefore, it is best to select a reliable plastic and cosmetic hospital and invite technical professional beauty and skin care staff to carry out practical operation. And the laser to remove the sunburn also has a little pain. Laser speckle removal will eventually cause some damage to the skin, so it will cause some pain. The whole process of actual treatment is like being acupuncture. It can withstand the pain without using anesthetics.
  3. The 7-10 time after removing the sunburn by laser is the surgical recovery period of the skin wound. During this period, the dark spots will gradually scar and fall, and then the skin will be renewed. The next 3-6 months are the maintenance and repair period of the skin. Pay attention to drinking more water and replenishing more vitamins. In addition, every 2-3 months, people’s skin will have the whole process of basic metabolism of digestion and absorption. Therefore, in 2-3 months after laser freckle removal, the black spots are likely to rebound, and if they rebound, they need to be removed with the laser again. This key is related to their skin type and their maintenance of the skin. If the maintenance is good, they can be completely removed after 1-2 times of treatment, If the maintenance is not good, it needs to be treated 4-6 times.

The above is the relevant content of laser to remove sunburn. The laser can remove sunburn, but it should be noted that laser surgery does not achieve a permanent actual effect. It may still occur in the middle and later stages. Therefore, the frequency of laser is also very critical at the moment. In addition, if the medical care is poor, it may also cause the rebound of dark spots.