Precautions for makeup after microneedle

It usually takes a month to start makeup after the micro needle is completed, because the micro needle needs a metabolic cycle to recover. In addition, it is better to focus on light makeup when making up.

Sister paper can’t make up immediately after finishing the micro needle skin beautification. It’s generally better to wait until a month later, because the collagen of the skin is reborn one month after the micro needle is finished. From another point of view, one month after finishing the micro needle makeup, the damage caused by the micro needle beauty has been recovered by the body, and there will be no hidden danger if you make up again.

Under normal circumstances, do not touch water or make-up immediately after the completion of micro needle, otherwise it is very unfavorable to the skin. It is suggested that girls make up 30 days after finishing the micro needle, which can minimize the harm to the skin; In addition, after 30 days of micro needle, the skin damage has been completely repaired. At this time, makeup will not easily lead to skin infection.

Key points of makeup after microneedle

1 eye makeup can only be light

Eye makeup must be a light makeup, not heavy makeup, such as the use of heavy eye shadow, because it will give rise to the eye skin that has just recovered from the treatment of micro needles. If you want to make up after the micro needle, you should pay attention to the gentle way of making up. When removing makeup, you should also try to reduce friction. Apply the makeup removal product on the sterile face, and then wipe your eyes in front. In this way, the makeup removal will be better than the usual kneading and makeup removal.

2 avoid areas that have been red and swollen

After finishing the micro needle, some parts of beauty lovers will have the reaction of redness, swelling and bleeding, which is generally obvious on the acne skin with clear needle. When you want to make up a month later, beauty lovers need to avoid these places that have had obvious reactions, because after a month of make-up, these red and swollen places are still fragile, and it is easy to have adverse reactions due to the stimulation of make-up products.

3 if there is scab, it needs to wait for scab to fall off

The specifications of microneedles used by everyone during microneedle skin beautification are different. Some beauty lovers will have scabs after microneedle skin beautification. In this case, if beauty lovers need to make up, they must wait until the scabs fall off, because in this way, they can not stimulate the wound and increase the recovery after microneedle skin beautification treatment.

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