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What are the application scope and functions of microneedle beauty

When everyone expects to produce a thing that can make a great change in their appearance, microneedle beauty should be born at the right time. Microneedle beauty is a very comprehensive medical beauty project, so it is loved by many people. Let’s talk about the application scope and functions of microneedle beauty!

What are the application scope and functions of microneedle beauty

Microneedle beauty cream has no side effects without injections and no operation. The micro needle roller uses natural methods to stimulate bone collagen proliferation, but does not damage the epidermis of skin. What’s more, the unique natural nutrient is transported to the skin through the lipid capsule. The nutrient penetration into the stratum corneum is forty times higher than that of the ordinary cream, reaching 40% times, thus arousing and enhancing the regeneration function of the skin, and is good for desalination of wrinkles and spots, and improving the skin’s sense of hierarchy. Adjust skin tone and increase skin elasticity, make you shine brightly and repair youth.

1、 Scope of application

  1. Fresh wound repair after cosmetic plastic surgery
  2. Rapid repair of fresh wounds such as burns, scratches, scalds and falls
  3. Repair of damaged skin after freckle removal, and skin change
  4. Caused by sunlight or environmental pollution___ Rapid repair of skin
  5. Anti aging, tender and smooth repair of relaxation, wrinkles and premature skin aging
  6. Rapid repair of rough, dry, desquamate and itching skin
  7. Repair of dull skin and pigmentation
  8. Rapid and intact repair of damaged skin after photon rejuvenation
  9. Repair of acne cavity, acne, blackhead and rosacea
  10. Repair of stretch marks and fat marks
  11. Daily care of other skin types and perfect substitutes for chemical skin care products:

2、 Function

  1. Improve circulation function

Improve the microcirculation of dermal tissue, enrich the subcutaneous capillary network, repair the blood flow of dermis, so as to repair the nutrition supply and energy metabolism of skin tissue, and make a “ruddy and youthful face”.

  1. Improve neurological function:

Improve the nerve endings of skin tissue, repair the degeneration of nerve endings, and let a more “smart brain” command the play of various physiological functions of skin tissue.

  1. Improve fiber synthesis function:

Improve the fiber synthesis function of skin tissue, make the dermal connective tissue compact again, and make a “compact and round face”.

  1. Improve the regeneration ability of epidermal cells:

Accelerate the renewal and metabolism of the epidermis, and repair the moisture, uniformity and delicacy of the epidermis.