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What are the repair functions of microneedles and their product components

In recent years, medical plastic surgery technology has been continuously upgraded. Many people use micro needles to solve various problems of the face. At the same time, after treatment, the skin of many beauty seekers will appear soft and firm, and the whole person looks very elegant. Why is the effect of micro needle so good? Next, let’s go into the world of microneedles and see what repair functions it has and its product ingredients!

What are the repair functions of microneedles and their product components

1、 Repair function

  1. Fresh wound repair after cosmetic plastic surgery
  2. Rapid repair of fresh wounds such as burns, scratches, scalds and falls
  3. Repair of damaged skin after freckle removal, and skin change
  4. Caused by sunlight or environmental pollution___ Rapid repair of skin
  5. Anti aging, tender and smooth repair of relaxation, wrinkles and skin aging
  6. Rapid repair of rough, dry, desquamate and itching skin
  7. Repair of dull skin and pigmentation
  8. Rapid and intact repair of damaged skin after photon rejuvenation
  9. Repair of acne pits, acne, blackheads and rosacea
  10. Repair of stretch marks and fat marks
  11. Daily care of other skin types and perfect substitutes for chemical skin care products:

2、 Product composition

RhaFGF acidic fibroblast growth factor – trauma repair expert

Promote skin upgrading, maintain skin elasticity, solve and purify microcirculation, improve cell metabolic function and microcirculation exchange capacity, improve body immunity, remove color spots and wrinkles, effectively repair, sunscreen and anti radiation.

EGF epidermal growth factor – expert in epidermal repair

It can promote division and proliferation of various types of cells, including epidermal and stromal cells, promote the synthesis of collagen, improve skin elasticity, astringe pores, remove wrinkles and whiten skin. Dr. Stanley Cohen, the discoverer of EGF, won the 1986 Nobel Prize in medical physiology.

KGF keratinocyte growth factor – cuticle reconstruction expert

It has strong proliferation and division promoting activity on keratinocytes, Langerhans cells and Merkel cells, maintains skin thickness, removes pigmentation, spots and acne on the skin, and improves skin immunity and resistance. It is commonly used in the reconstruction and repair of epidermal stratum corneum.

MT metallothionein — human health Guardian

Remove the oxygen free radical and hydroxyl free radical that cause human aging, and then have the function of delaying skin and human aging; It has the function of anti radiation; Chelate heavy metals and toxic metals and expel them out of the body. It has strong detoxification function. It is a good biological chelating antidote in clinic.

GSH glutathione — the bane of aging

It is an important antioxidant in human body. It can not only remove oxygen free radicals and hydroxyl free radicals, but also degrade lipid peroxides to avoid peroxidation damage to cells and tissues. It has the effects of broad-spectrum detoxification, cleaning and purifying the internal environment, and protecting hemoglobin in the circulatory system from oxidation. It plays an important role in the application of anti-aging in human body.

NGF nerve growth factor – expert in nerve repair

Repair and activate injured nerve cells, promote the growth of nerve fibers, the differentiation and development of neurons, increase the number of nerve nodes and fiber growth, and play a role in nutrition, protection and growth of nerves.

ECM interstitial protein – moisturizing and anti-aging expert

Provide the excellent living environment required by cells, avoid the friction between cell membranes, avoid the damage of cell tissues, and improve the activity and elasticity of skin.