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What is the difference between micro needle and water light needle

Micro needle and water light needle are both medical and aesthetic methods that can make our skin better. These two different methods still have some differences. They are different in principle, suitable for skin type, technique and so on.

Difference between micro needle and water light needle

1、 Different action principles


The basic version of water light needle pierces the skin through a small needle on the roller to open a small channel, promote the transdermal absorption of active ingredients, promote the discharge of pigment particles, replace epidermal cells, reconstruct dermal tissue and repair skin barrier.

Water needle:

Shuiguang needle is to attract micro droplets to inject effective components into dermal tissue through negative pressure multi needle, and start self-healing through focal injury effect.

2、 Different skin problems


The lightest basic micro needle mainly acts on the eyes, which can shrink pores and introduce maintenance ingredients; 0.5mm microneedle can lighten spots and remove wrinkles; A 1.0mm micro needle is used to remove acne marks; To eliminate stretch marks, slimming marks and scar marks, a 1.5mm micro needle is required. If it is necessary to repair scars and hair growth, the microneedle to be used should be 2.0mm. In addition, if the basic version micro needle is operated in combination with RF, it can improve the facial lines. The role of microneedle can be said to be relatively rich, but the effect of unilateral treatment is not strong.

Water needle:

The skin problems targeted by Shuiguang needle are dry skin, large pores, small wrinkles, loose skin, etc. it is very suitable for special care of water deficient skin.

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