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What is the working principle of microneedle plastic

I believe many beauties know that microneedle is a beauty method, but many beauties don’t know how it works. Today, let’s learn how microneedle supplements nutrients to our skin.

What is the working principle of microneedle plastic

Microneedle plastic therapy is a cosmetic method to increase the absorption of cosmetic drugs through microneedle tools. Micro needle plastic mainly involves two aspects: plastic tools and plastic drugs.

  1. Micro needle plastic tool

Micro needle plastic tools mainly include: manual roller, plastic gun, dot matrix RF micro needle, single needle micro needle, electric micro needle, nano micro needle, nine needle needle, multi needle micro needle, etc.

  1. Microneedle plastic medicine

There are many kinds of microneedle cosmetic drugs, which are usually used in five categories of cosmetic treatment:

(1) Remove wrinkles and beautify skin.

(2) Lose weight and shape.

(3) Remove spots, remove color, remove dark circles and whiten eyes.

(4) Remove acne marks and scars to treat pregnancy Chen lines.

(5) Treatment___ Remove red blood from the skin.

The drugs used for different purposes are different, and they generally need to be used according to the course of treatment. As the drugs produced by different manufacturers are different, the course of treatment is also different.

At the beginning, the ingredients of plastic products are mostly growth factors. With the development of plastic technology, the ingredients of plastic drugs have been diversified. For example, the facial youth element in European ad series plastic products contains 62 ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, including 10 vitamins, 3 unsaturated fatty acids, 12 trace elements, 19 amino acids, 16 antioxidants and 2 coenzymes. Different nutrients with different plastic tools can achieve the above five purposes.

It seems that there is not enough experience for a doctor to match with a micro plastic beauty project, but if there is no corresponding beauty effect, it seems that a micro plastic beauty project can not play a role. Meimei people want to choose a regular medical institution to do micro needle plastic. If you want to know about the hospital information, please contact the customer service of meimeiworry official website.