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What season is the best for micro needle? What age is the best for micro needle

Everyone should have heard of microneedle. It is a common method in medical beauty projects. Using microneedle can effectively help us solve some problems on the skin. What season does microneedle generally recover faster?

When is the best season for microneedles

The best time to do microneedle is generally in spring or autumn, because the temperature is more appropriate in these two seasons, the wound recovers faster, and there is usually no sweating, there are not too many bacteria, the probability of serious inflammation of the wound is relatively small, and the safety and effect of the operation are more guaranteed.

At what age is microneedle best

Microneedle surgery is regardless of age. Microneedle rejuvenation uses microneedle instruments to break through the skin absorption barrier of beauty loving women and deliver beauty agents to the parts to be improved quickly, accurately and evenly, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment or beauty rejuvenation.

Taboo population of microneedle

  1. It is forbidden during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation.
  2. People who are allergic to protein and metal should use it with caution.
  3. It is forbidden when you are in an allergic state, especially serious.
  4. In the period of serious heart disease, hypertension, hyperglycemia, poor hemagglutination mechanism, nervous system disorder and scar proliferative skin should be used carefully.

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