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Will laser hair removal affect the function of the skin?

The skin has many physiological functions, such as perspiration, regulating body temperature, sensory function, protective function to the body, absorption and excretion function, immune function and so on. Laser hair removal will not affect these functions of the skin.

Is laser depilation painful? How long does the treatment take?

There are a large number of sensory nerves around each hair follicle. If the hair follicle receives enough laser energy, the body will feel a certain degree of pain. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of effective treatment, there will be some pain. In other words, pain generally means that the treatment is effective. If it doesn’t hurt at all, it means that the laser energy is not enough and needs to be readjusted. Therefore, during treatment, tell the doctor the feeling of treatment, which is conducive to the doctor to determine and set various laser treatment parameters according to your specific situation, so as to obtain satisfactory treatment effect. But don’t be nervous. The pain is completely tolerable. It’s a little like a small acupuncture. It’s very interesting.

Laser hair removal is very convenient and fast, which is one of the obvious advantages of laser hair removal treatment. The length of treatment depends on the area of hair removal. For example, it only takes 15 minutes to remove axillary hair.

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