CO2 Fractional Laser

Will the laser arm grow after depilation?

Laser arm depilation can use laser irradiation to reach the root of hair follicle and remove excess hair to achieve the purpose of depilation.

Generally, hair will not grow after laser treatment, but because hair growth has three cycles, and laser can only act on hair follicles in the growth period, in order to achieve lasting hair removal effect, it takes 3-5 hair removal courses, and the hair will become smaller and smaller until it is hairless and smooth.

Pulse light is known as “lunch beauty”. As the name suggests, you can use pulse light to rejuvenation your skin during lunch time. If you continue to work in the afternoon, others won’t notice it. The penetrating power of pulsed light is very deep. It can stimulate the fibroblasts in the dermis and secrete collagen to resist aging.

Pulsed light mainly uses strong pulsed light to repel the black pigment in the skin, proliferate collagen, act on the melanin in the skin, make the skin more white, red and repel spots.

Therefore, the hair will not grow after laser arm depilation, and those seeking beauty can rest assured to choose.

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